12 Of The Hottest New Technology Gadgets For The Tech-Savvy Road Warrior

There are really a handful of best new technology gadgets created to perform well with the frequent traveler. Right here are some of the best examples of the most current technology that will support you out while you are on the road:

1.Front/Rear Digital Camera Recorder – even the most defensive driver can not often keep away from reckless drivers. These digital camera recorders are cool gadgets that will support you prove your innocence when the other guy rear-ends you and claims you are at fault.

2.Dashboard Device Mount – these are definitely crucial for maintaining your smaller sized new technology gadgets from slipping and sliding all over the place. The best part is that the clips can be adjusted to best fit any device you need to have secured.

3.Emergency Roadside Beacon – stranded in the middle of the road during the dead of night? These new products can be mounted on the roof of your auto and extended much more than four feet up in the air so rescuers and drivers can spot you in a jiffy.

4.LED Emergency Disk – this ultra-effective light is often a great concept to keep in your auto. Not only is it transportable and can shine a light up to a mile away, but it also has a effective magnet that will let you mount it on any metallic portion of your car’s chassis.

5.Virtual Cycler’s Safety Lane – bicycles are notoriously hard to spot at night, but these New Technology Gadgets use lasers project two illuminated lights parallel to your bike. These will tell drivers how wide your bike is and will support stop them from misreading your profile at night.

6. Android Diagnostic Kit – merely plug this product in the OBDII port below your car’s steering wheel and you will be capable to understand your car’s performance in the blink of an eye. You can then use this information to figure out if you should bring your auto in for upkeep or not.

7.Real-Time Automobile Monitor – if you want to gauge your car’s performance while it is actively running, then these new tech gadgets are the much better choice as they can be firmly mounted on your dashboard to show all the critical numbers in true time.

8.Vehicle Emergency Tool – these most current gadgets come with impact hammers to effortlessly smash auto windows, cut your seat belt and give light when you figure into an accident. It also comes with a tire pressure gauge to support you keep away from obtaining into an accident in the first place.

9.Breathalyzer Keychain – been partying lately? These New Technology Gadgets will support you figure out if you need to have to locate a person else to get behind the wheel for you. Some models even double as beneficial pocket watches if you need to have an added timepiece.

10.LED Door Projector Lights – want to add a bit of flash to your auto? Install these on your auto doors and they’ll use lasers to project some quite cool pictures on the road when you open the said auto doors.

11.Windshield AR GPS – these augmented-reality models project GPS pictures on your car’s windshield, minimizing the requirement to take your eyes too far away from the road. Some models need Web access while other individuals directly access the GPS satellites themselves.

12.Micro USB Vehicle Charger – need to have to juice up your mobile models while on the go? Basically plug these New Technology Gadgets into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and you have a power outlet to charge your phones and tablets at will.

Keep these New Technology Gadgets in mind and you’ll be capable to much better accessorize your auto to fit your tech demands!

Placing Down New Technology Gadgets While Driving: Can Gadgets Kill?

The straightforward answer to this question is yes, gizmos can kill you when utilized as you are driving. The true answer, even so, is much more difficult than that.

Functioning with Best New Technology Gadgets whilst driving – perhaps answering an email on your tablet or chatting away with a person on your telephone – is a recipe for disaster. But we cannot deny how helpful these new gizmos are to us. GPS navigation, finding out about ongoing emergencies, reacting rapidly when the stated emergencies come up – all these are important elements of our quickly paced lifestyles, specially when makers are making them much more and more driver-friendly.

So without further ado, here are a couple of practical ideas to help you greater manage your electronics without placing yourself at risk of receiving into an accident:

Choose Passive Data Over Active Interaction

One of the greatest causes why a lot of new tech gadgets trigger driving accidents is because they force individuals to actively interact with them whilst driving. The most frequent instance here is fiddling with the buttons on a smartphone, which presents an apparent enough danger whilst driving as it forces you to appear away from the road. The problem here, even so, is that even a hands-free item can take your focus away from the road that you are hunting at. Producing decisions, formulating responses to queries, pondering about commands to speak into new technologies commands that accept verbal commands – all these factors take your focus away from the road. This is why you have to make sure the wonderful gadgets in your automobile only supply you low-key passive details. This kind of details keeps you informed without forcing you to pour too much thought into it – keeping your consideration free to focus on the road instead of on the devices you are utilizing.

Limit Gadget Use To Steer Clear Of Overload

Too much passive details, on the other hand, is just as hazardous as actively interacting with your New Technology Gadgets. You do not want to split your limited consideration span to lots of gadgets at one time, specially whilst driving at higher speed. Discerning GPS navigation guidelines is difficult sufficient, but getting to deal with continuous low fuel alerts and ideas for economical driving behavior tends to make the whole issue considerably more hazardous. You will uncover yourself only hunting at the road without in fact seeing any possible threats till it is too late. This is why you have to turn only one of your newest gadgets on at a time in order to avoid details overload.

Cease Just before Interacting Or Producing Choices

There will be occasions where you absolutely need to engage in a mentally-taxing telephone conversation or fiddle around with your New Technology Gadgets to adjust their settings. This is when you have to uncover a safe place to park for a couple of minutes so you can pour your complete consideration on the stated gizmos. Even the newest technologies on hands-free devices will not be sufficient to save you when you are emotionally engaged or are making tough decisions on the road. This may be inconvenient on your part but is the only real way you can take your consideration away from the road without placing yourself and these around you at risk.

Keep these fundamental ideas in mind and you should be capable to responsibly use your new technologies gadgets whilst driving. Just keep in mind – if the devices trigger you to consider significantly, then you need to stop, turn them off and rethink how you are going to use them in your automobile!

Bizarre New Technology Gadgets: Eight Bizarre Console Accessories

Everyone in the video gaming sector desires to come out with New Technology Gadgets to bring people to their side. Get it proper and you have wonderful gadgets that will bring in the crowds like the Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wiimote. Get it wrong although and reality will came around and slapped you hard in the face. Right here are some classic examples that ended up in the latter category of accessories:

1.AlphaGrip AG-five PC Controller – first off is this baffling try to ‘simplify’ the use of a gaming controller on the individual PC. The notion was to place 42 buttons inside easy reach of all ten fingers of the hand. With that layout and the bulk of the controller itself, you would have an simpler time sticking to the keyboard and mouse instead of trying to make sense of the issue.

2.The Sega Activator – this was regarded the hottest line of New Technology Gadgets in its time but was basically a octahedral ring that mimicked the eight directional quadrants employed by most fighting games. To make your character do a particular move, you will literally have to punch in so many directions in such a quick span of time that you could barely get anything accomplished.

3.Kinect Game Boat – The Game Boat is an accessory for the Kinect, which in turn is an accessory for the Microsoft Xbox. It sounds neat, except that it is just a glorified inflatable boat that serves no actual goal even for the game it was created for. Worse still is that boating comprised only a fifth of the stated Xbox game’s playing encounter. It was therefore efficiently useless in so many approaches.

4.Nintendo Wii Automobile Adapter – Severe gamers have a Sony Playstation 3 or Microsoft Xbox 360 mounts for passengers to use, but the complete notion of the Wii is to move and flail about. Why bother employing new gadgets to play Wii games in your car if you have very limited space and pose a very actual danger of distracting your driver and getting into an accident in the method?

5.Wii Baby and Me – now this line of New Technology Gadgets is far more on creepy instead of bizarre. Picture taking a fake infant with dead plastic eyes, opening its back and stuffing a Nintendo Wii remote inside whilst it makes noises whilst you cradle it in your hands and rock it to sleep. Sounds exciting until the nightmares start waking you up at night.

6.Wii Bowling Ball – notice how the Nintendo Wii is getting particular focus in this list of New Technology Gadgets for gaming? Here’s yet another one particular for very good measure as it not only provides you greater tactile feedback for bowling but also drastically increases the possibilities that you smash a great ball of plastic right into your Television screen.

7.Sega Action Chair – this was touted as a fully new way to ‘experience video games’ back in its time and was marketed as the newest technology for gaming. It was, nevertheless, just a simple swiveling chair with two controller sticks on every single side. It was clunky, ungainly and basically too unresponsive to be beneficial in any way except to just lounge around whilst searching weird.

8.Nintendo R.O.B. – Japan-borne Nintendo was facing stiff American competitors back in the 80’s, so it bundled the Robotic Operating Buddy (R.O.B.) with its initial local console. Men and women bought it for the robot, which was fully useless, but stayed for the excellent games. It was quietly removed when the NES gained recognition, paving the way for Nintendo’s legacy in the American gaming.

Keep these bits in mind the next time you see a bunch of New Technology Gadgets for your console. Who knows? What could be the next hot issue is really just a useless piece of crud fueled only by deceptively very good marketing and advertising!

15 Fantastic New Technology Gadgets For DIY Fans

Many of today’s New Technology Gadgets are developed for simple customer use, like smartphones and tablets and numerous other electronic models. There are, nevertheless, really a handful of new gizmos that will be of great help when it comes to building, repairs, upkeep and other DIY projects. Right here are some of the prime ones to make it on the list:

1.Wireless Inspection Camera – these amazing gadgets let you peek into difficult to reach locations with its versatile shaft supporting a digital camera and a flashlight. Quite, really beneficial for gauging the integrity of components hidden behind walls or below floorboards.

2.Infrared Thermometer – these New Technology Gadgets let you measure temperature from a protected distance away. A must-have gizmo for cooking, chemistry or metallurgy.

3.Laser Distance Measurer – want an accurate reading with the snap of a finger? This nifty model will let you do just that eschewing the need for walking and reaching all over the place.

4.Digital Protractor – want a rapid measurement of angles that is 100% accurate 100% of the time? This beneficial tiny tool will do just that in a matter of seconds.

5.DC/AC Clamp Multi-meter – this is an absolute must for these functioning with electrical function as it lets you test AC and DC connections as well as true root-mean-square voltage. Get these new tech items ASAP if you function with appliances and electrical connections.

6.Magnetic Vehicle-Charged LED Flashlight – these New Technology Gadgets are great for these that do a lot of driving for the duration of the night. Truckers, teamsters, police officers and even hunters will usually have a totally-charged flashlight without obtaining to rummage around for it.

7.Emergency Jump Starter Kit – this portable energy bank not only charges a wide array of devices but can also help start up an automobile when its battery runs out. Maintain one with you just in case.

8.OBDII Vehicle Reader – this nifty model will let you check your car’s onboard diagnostics (OBD2 or OBDII) by way of a laptop or connected Android device. It is great for checking if your car is performing as anticipated.

9.Multi-Function Automobile Monitor – if you want to read the data when driving then these monitors will do just the trick. Simply set up one inside your car and you’ll be great to go.

10.Magnetic Project Mat – tired of losing tiny screws and other metallic components? Fret not for these newest gadgets are created of low-power magnetic components – robust adequate to hold stuff in place but weak enough to prevent damage to electronics.

11.54-Bit Driver Kit – a compact screwdriver kit with a whopping 54 bits for numerous screwing and unscrewing wants. Should we say more?

12.Conductive Ink Pen – this is a great solution that functions properly with a selection of new technologies gadgets. Simply lay out a route with the ink, let it dry and boom – you have a rapid and straightforward circuit just like that.

13.Compact Survival Can – if you get lost far away from civilization, you will have a much better shot at surviving if you have one of these cans stowed away. They include a lot of beneficial gear, ranging from matches and a compass to a fish hooks and fishing lines.

14. All-Purpose Putty – this nifty substance is beneficial for a wide range of rapid repair-it options, from forming childproofing sharp corners on furnishings to safeguarding wires on routers that supply Internet access to your residence.

15.Static Electrical energy Eliminator – this tiny tool is great for getting rid of static buildups when functioning with electrical energy or wearing negatively charged components. Just grasp the eliminator and touch it to a grounded object to get rid of your built-up charge.

Bare these in mind and you’ll know what kinds of New Technology Gadgets will help you out in your DIY endeavors!

6 Other New Technology Gadgets And Eye Technology Google Glasses We Will See For Eyes

Google Glasses have augmented reality (or AR) is one particular of the coolest concepts currently being applied in new technology gadget. This new tech was once the things of science fiction, but current developments in mobile computing have manufactured it possible to integrate information with the world as we perceive it.


Not convinced this is true? Right here are 6 of the most recent devices that are in development or already in the market place:

Google Glasses

The Glass is presently in development and has begun testing only in April 2012, but it is mostly accountable for producing the much-needed ‘buzz’ for AR gadgets. Google’s massive brand recognition has brought public attention to new technology gadget related to augmented reality, much like how Apple’s iPad brought public attention to the computer. Google has also launched a video highlighting the abilities of Glass. These features include the capability to ‘talk’ to Glass in order to bring out simple Google functions like search, translation, navigation and messaging.

EyeTap Camera

EyeTap is one particular of the awesome gizmos that fit completely into the lives of video loggers (vloggers) as it is focused to capturing the actual image that a person’s eyes see. This is completed by means of a beam splitter that sends photographs to both the camera and the eye. This creates a true first-person videos, unlike head-mounted cameras that capture photographs in the general direction of where the wearer is handling.

Oculus Rift Video Glasses

Gamers, rejoice! The Oculus Rift is a line of new technology gadget designed specifically to operate with video games. These AR gadgets permit a gamer to practically search around within a game – best for first-person games like shooters. The Rift is, however, unable to work on several games for current-generation consoles thanks to the hardware limitations of these consoles. The next generation, however, should show potent enough to handle the Rift’s demands.

Argus II Bionic Eye

The title says it all. Argus II is a retinal prosthesis designed to aid those afflicted by Retinitis pigmentosa. It employs electrodes to substitute defective light-sensing cells in the eye caused by the disease. It then sends the resulting signals to the optic nerve, enabling an otherwise blind patient to see. This isn’t just another line of new technology gadget – it is a revolution in medication. The first bionic eye was approved just this February 2013, opening the door for research to aid other individuals struggling from eye related issues and injuries.

Sony DEV Binoculars

Handheld DVRs are awesome devices for specific events, but the DEV series of binoculars adds a total new meaning to real-life capture. The DEV-3 and DEV-5 are souped-up binoculars with the capability to capture 3D and high-definition videos, with the latter model capable of digital zoom and GPS functions. Each designs come with autofocus and steadyshot image stabilization, producing it extremely effortless to capture videos of fast moving targets.

Chinavasion CVXP-G Video Glasses

The CVXP-G line of glasses is one particular of the most recent gizmos to become commercially offered to buyers around the world. These nifty and comparatively lower cost glasses permit buyers to privately watch films no matter where they are. The CVXP-G436 model simulates a huge 72-inch screen whilst the CVXP-G505 simulates a whopping 98-inch screen viewed from 1.5 meters away.

Keep tabs on these new technology gadget and you are going to find the word ‘eyewear’ taking on a total new meaning in the coming years!

Insane but true things about wordpress images

Taking care of those WordPress images you place in your posts? When creating your images make sure you name them by using a  keyword phrase to give yourself some SEO juice, so many people just up-load an image with no information at all e.i 21hs#.jpg you want images to make sense, because it’s not just for the search engines, but also for the disable, they need to understand what their seeing or hearing, and don’t forget your alt tag as well. I would stick to one size limit do to the theme width restrictions. I like 500px max width for all my images.

wordpress images

One of the best practices is to up-load your images to your media library first before creating any posts.
Once created, it’s easy just place your cursor where you want it to be in your article, then click the Add Media tab in the WYSIWYG editor.

In the left image pane you want to place all relevant information in appropriate areas, as well as creating a custom link from the image to a relevant category in your site for an interlink which is another form of on-page SEO.

8 ways Google reader can be used as a weapon

The guys over at GIZMOTO have come up with a list of other RSS news feeds to ease your pain once your Google reader is gone. I like the Zite for my daily news, but it only works on tablets not desktop.You have many others to choose from to get the daily news

google reader

Google Reader is on its deathbed, slated to meet its end on July 1st. Its demise has been looming in the distance for a while, so this should come as no surprise. And while this is certainly a time of mourning, there’s the unseemly business of finding a replacement. Here’s a list of platform agnostic alternatives that should help make the transition as painless as possible.


8 Google Reader Alternatives That Will Ease Your RSS Pain


Google Reader is on its deathbed, slated to meet its end on July 1st. Its demise has been looming in the distance for a while, so this should come as no surprise. And while this is certainly a time of mourning, there’s the


Google Reader to Be Shut Down in July, import rss feeds google reader

Google Reader to Be Shut Down in July, import rss feeds google reader Google Reader to Be Shut Down in July, import rss feeds google reader

Local businesses, is it really possible to make money from it

Local businesses, is it really possible to make money from it


With 97% of consumers doing their searching for local businesses online, why is it still not resonating with most small business owners?

It’s important for your business to show in the search engines, and you want to make sure you’re showing up everywhere; so why aren’t more businesses claiming their listings. Do you know this will make it easier for your customers to find you?

Here are some local listings you can use right now. Go ahead and check your business here then get in there and enter all the information needed to show off your business products and services. This will help your local SEO

Is Social Media Worthwhile For Local Businesses?


The question in the past few weeks, I’ve been confronted multiple times by the question of whether social media is truly worthwhile for local businesses. The question comes from companies feeling the pinch of costs while also desiring to promote themselves adequately. The ROI may not be clear in many cases, so let’s examine it.

Social media does have a big role in local businesses, but you need to make sure you have a foundation in place before you start using your social channels to help enhance you business. You must realize that there is some consistent work to be done when you use social media for any business.

Small businesses are the backbone of a strong local economy. Support Local Independent Businesses. #ShopLocal
Thursday, March 07, 2013 11:05:44 AM

Four Online Marketing Mistakes Local Businesses Make (and How To Fix Them)

C’mon over to where the main discussion happens after the episode! If you enjoyed this video, join more than 40000 others and get FREE weekly marketing advice + small business inspiration hand delivered. Michell…

The most baffling things about yelp for business

Yelp for business is the place to set up shop, and it’s also one of the top three sites that come up when you search in Google for your business name.  So claim your business now!

Users can check in using either a mobile app or the website to post reviews for businesses, and services, and this is what makes ”Yelp” a winner in local search. Google is doing away with its Google Places for local business listings and is starting to integrate these services into Google+, and because of this Yelp has been achieving stronger growth all around for reviews, visitors and business accounts.


Yelp Calls Mobile ‘A Bit of a Game Changer’


When asked about the possibility of Google or Facebook stealing away local ad dollars, everyone at Yelp brushed it off. The company’s CFO says it’s the Yellow Pages and Valpak that stand between them and local ad dollars

Yelp Presentation – BDI 9.15.10 Mobile Social Communications

Case Study: Mobile: The Bridge Between Online Search and Offline Buying Presented by: Paul Reich, Director of East Coast Sales, Yelp & Dr. Justin Bazan, Owner and Operator, Park Slope Eye With over 38 million monthly unique visitors and 12 million reviews around the world, Yelp has emerged as the leading online review guide for consumers looking to make a spending decision. But while engagement on the desktop continues to evolve, the fastest area of growth for the company is its mobile arm. In fact, mobile devices now account for over 30% of all searches on Yelp and that number is only continuing to grow. Today’s case study will talk about how and why savvy businesses are taking advantage of both Yelp’s online and offline consumer engagement.

Civilization could collapse because of local search

Local search is where you can go to find local businesses in your demographics.  Ranking a business high in the search results can help you achieve many goals for your business, but before you can achieve higher rankings in the search engines you will need to make sure you are optimizing for the space you are in.

local search

Google is still leading the field when it comes to search, but Bing is starting to take a bite in organic listing results as well. I am starting to find more local businesses are rising much faster in Bing and Yahoo, so make sure you are thinking about the other search engines when your building your business in the local search.

Google will still be a leading place for business owners to optimize their sites by promoting local search, and it is still the winner at 87% followed by Bing with 78%.

Local business is highly dependent on local search and local awareness, and this is important for any small business marketing. The Internet is revolutionized in a way people can find information about your products or services immediately near them.  Maps are one of the core tools you will use to find people, places, and things when putting in your search criteria, then the search engine will reward you. Remember your business is at the heart of our economy and always will be.