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learn about social media marketing

So you want to learn about social media marketing are you listening to what others are saying? Are you making personal one on one connection with others to increase your network of people you will be communicating with. Then you need to start tweeting in your area of interest, along with a good facebook presence, […]


Social media videos

My response I believe that we can make some good video content from the knowledge we know from the many years of doing what we do best, our work or business. But it is good to have services available to help do this for us. Video Marketing Package The company specializes in making the best […]


6 ways to enhance your social media marketing plans

### Things you can use in your social media marketing plans. Here is an article by Lisa Barone which she discusses ways you can focus on your business like a big businesses. Their are things you can use to ¬†elevate the way you are currently ¬†doing business now. This is some good business advice. 6 […]


When you hire your social media consultant?

Seems like so many people are social media consultants today, that it has become an academic class for everyone with a little experience with twitter and facebook, just make sure you find the right fit for your business. While you should consider as many different consulting firms and individual consultants as your schedule permits, focus […]


Are you using social media management tools?

### I believe you need to have automation as long as long as it is not the only voice. I like to use Buffer to get the late night info that nobody had a chance to learn about and deliver it as my morning tweets. My way to filter all the noise out there. Buffer […]


How your business can benefit from social media management

Social media management A new media agency plans, develops and manages websites and provide marketing strategies search engine to help your business an online success. They are experts in developing effective marketing services that can be deployed in a wide range of new media channels to improve your business and investigative training and sales. If […]